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45 x 60 x 16

45 x 60 x 16 Building Colors: Roof Metal, Base, Ridge Cap-Quaker Gray. Sidewall, Endwall, & Soffit-White Sand. Eave, Gable, Overhead Door Trim-Snow White. Walk Door & Window Trim-Hayfield White. Options: 1' Overhang, R-50 Ceiling Insultation, Acoustical Ceiling Steel, Wall Liner Steel.

36 x 60 x 12

30 x 60 x 12 Building Colors: Roof metal, Eave, Gable, Ridge Cap, Cupola Roof, Porch Roof-Pewter Gray. Sidewall, Endwall, Cupola Base-Barn Red. Base, Corner, Soffit, Cupola Body, Porch Col Cover, Porch Crown, Porch Soffit, Overhead Door Trim-Snow White. Window & Window Trim-Hayfield White Options: R-50 Insultation, Insulated Overhead Door, Gridded Glass Windows, Liner Steel, 2' Overhang, Flying Gable, 3' Continue Reading

50 x 60 x 13 Wrap Around Porch

50 x 60 x 13 Wrap Around Porch Quaker Gray: Roof, Trims, Wainscot Clay: Walls

60 x 90 x 16 with Porch

60 x 90 x 16 with Porch 60 x 90 x 16 Hobby Building, Lined and Insulated with Full Ceiling Porch Colors: Quaker Gray Roof, Snow White Walls, Clay Trims and Wainscot